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Positioning Your Site on the Search Engines

By some estimates, over 70% of web sites are found through search engines.   How are surfers finding your site?

We believe in taking multiple approaches to generating traffic on your site:
  • Search Engines
  • Newsletters
  • "Suggest this Page to a Friend" buttons
  • Links from other sites
  • Print and radio ads
  • Press releases
  • Other approaches depending on the audience
Perhaps the most important of these is the Search Engine.

With the vast majority of new customers arriving at sites from a search it would be in our best interest to take full advantage of the Search Engines. Studies continually show that surfers only visit the sites found in the first 3 pages of search results. So maintaining a high search engine placement is vital. If you're in the "widget" business, then good business sense tells you that you need to be in the top 30 listings when a potential customer searches for the phrase "widget."

So how does a site get near the top?
Creative-Entropy offers a full menu of placement options for our customers, from basic submission at the top engines to optimizing pages for key search phrases. Our Specialists will work with you to determine what words your target audience are most likely to use and then modify your web pages to emphasize those words. Each Search Engine uses a different algorithm to rank your site and the Creative-Entropy team can develop new pages specifically designed to take advantage of each engine's rules. Contact us today to discuss the best strategy for your website!

"Do-It Yourself" Placement
If you like to do things on your own, we recommend using a great software tool, Web Position Gold. This handy program helps individuals in the basics of search engine positioning. Try out their free 30-day trial and discover many of the intricacies of placement strategy. Download your trial of Web Position Gold today.

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